Locked Up
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Kickflip Studio's premiere game is full of grit, brutality, and an unsettling story. The action RPG will thrust players into an unfamiliar world where corrupt guards and violent prisoners might just be the least of their worries.

Framed for a crime you didn't commit and imprisoned for life, as the player, you must find a way to escape this seemingly impenetrable facility. It won't be easy.

Owned by the mysterious CorpX, the futuristic prison is nested in the harsh Antarctic landscape, brimming with defenses. The guards are armed to the teeth, and robots and drones patrol the halls. You'll have to contend with a whole prison hierarchy that could see you brawling with a nemesis or trading contraband with an ally at every turn.

But underneath all of this, there's a dark story to uncover, and it will be up to you, the player, to discover the truth about CorpX, and find passage away from this place.

Welcome to Locked Up.


  • Robust class-based gameplay
  • Skill trees to adapt play style
  • Strategic and stealthy game mechanics
  • Realtime brutal combat
  • Exciting prison setting with thrilling story


  • Tool crafting and wide variety of weapon types
  • Prison alliance and nemesis system
  • Gritty and violent aesthetic
  • Character creation and customization